Perzel & Purdy Forensic CPA's, LLC will make careful management of your litigation case as our top priority. We pride ourselves on giving you personalized and thorough service that meets your business or individual needs.

Litigation Support

Whether you are going through a divorce, dissolving a business, or something in between, Perzel and Purdy Forensic CPAs, can assist with litigation in the following areas:

areas-img1 Testimony
Marital Dissolution:

When a marriage ends, inevitably, there may be some disputes regarding the division of assets, alimony, and child support. A divorce can be a complicated process, and it requires many documents and very specific, court-prescribed financial analysis. Division of assets, preparation of financial affidavits, the standard of living analysis, and alimony and child support calculations are just a few of the financial aspects of a divorce that Perzel & Purdy Forensic CPAs can help you with.

Business Valuation:

In order to determine a business’s value and its components, a business valuation is required. Regardless of whether you are selling, buying, planning your estate, or involved in litigation, it is important to know how much a business is worth. At Perzel and Purdy Forensic CPAs, you can be sure that our team has the knowledge and resources to appropriately value the subject business, as we are experts in business valuation and credentialed as Certified Valuation Analysts.

Business Litigation:

Quite often, business litigation includes Partnership or Shareholder Disputes and or complete dissolution of the entity. When a professional partnership or shareholder relationship breaks down, there are many financial issues that may need to be reviewed and sorted out. These issues are specific to each individual circumstance and range from a review of accounting records to valuation of shares to economic damages. Rest assured that we have the experience necessary to identify the specific issues and tailor our analysis to meet your specific need. Let Perzel and Purdy Forensic CPA help.

Criminal Litigation:

When criminal charges involve financial crimes, it is important to have on your team an experienced forensic accountant that can assist in preparing your defense. Perzel and Purdy Forensic CPAs can help. Our Forensic CPAs have experience and are able to assist in a vast range of criminal litigation matters.

Personal Injury:

Personal injury includes both physical and mental injury that a person may have sustained through an accident, negligence, or an intentional act. Some examples include injuries arising from slip and fall accidents, car accidents, defective products, and assault and battery. Our team of Forensic CPAs uses accounting skills and methods to gather relevant information and data to calculate economic damages according to specific personal injury laws.

Trust & Estate Litigation:

Trust and estate litigation is a relatively specialized area of law. Proceedings under trust and estate litigation include a wide variety of matters such as guardianships, conservatorships, will contests, breach of fiduciary duty, issues arising from trust modification, incorrect or incomplete fiduciary accountings, and fraudulent conveyances. It is important to choose a team that has experience working in this area of law.

Trust and Estate Fiduciary Accounting:

This is the annual record all transactions carried out and associated with the estate or trust. It is to provide a detailed and proper account so that all beneficiaries clearly understand transactions that have taken place and other assets that exist. This accounting must meet specific legal requirements and be prepared in the court-prescribed format that most CPAs are not familiar with.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Collaborative Divorce:

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to conventional divorce. This process attempts to minimize the time, expense, and hostility that are so often a part of the conventional litigated divorce process. Collaborative Divorce is a process in which both parties and each party’s counsel commit themselves to resolve differences fairly, equitably, in a respectful manner without involving the court system. The team at Perzel & Purdy have specific training and experience in the collaborative divorce process as financial neutral facilitators.


 The team at Perzel & Purdy Forensic CPA's, LLC  is regularly engaged pre-litigationin an attempt to resolve financial differences and agreements prior to a lawsuit ever being filed.  We can attend and prepare exhibits and schedules for mediation prior to or during litigation. When complex financial matters are in dispute, our expertise is crucial to reaching a settlement.

Prideful on Efficiency

At Perzel & Purdy Forensic CPA's, LLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver timely and effective results. When you engage our services, we first carry out an initial consultation to understand your needs and formulate the best plan to tackle it. Whether you require financial forensic services for business or personal purposes, we are able to take on any case, big or small. Let us iron out the heavy details and work within legal parameters so you can enjoy peace of mind that you are in safe hands. When you work with us at Perzel and Purdy Forensic CPA, we always put you and your needs first.

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